LY M770 BGA Rework Station 220V 2 Zones

Feature: This model maybe the cheapest 2 zones infrared bga rework station,if you are new bie,or have limited budget,you can consider of this model.

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2 zones

Top Size


Top Power


Bottom size

240*80mm*2 pcs

Bottom Power


Machine size




Gross weight






The parameters and performance indicators:


1. The rework station suitable for notebook computer motherboard, desktop computer motherboards, computer and server motherboard, motherboard, motherboard, large game machines, communications equipment, motherboards, LCD TV motherboard, motherboard, print circuit board repair.

2. The BGA chips rework station can be very effective in replacing the stack memory, the replacement of the BGA chip, memory below will not take slurry.

3. The rework station can be very successful in solving BGA chip heated foaming problem. (constant temperature 100 degrees available preheating.

4. Preheat to repair the motherboard 1-2 minutes. Then heating.

5. The rework station can replace CPU notebook memory slot to facilitate the.

6. BGA chip to be an easy job to replace glue sealing, sealing glue chip to the rubber (hot-air or in addition to adhesive glue).

7. The replacement of the BGA chip, the circuit board can not turn yellow.

8. The rework station using infrared preheating and infrared heating, lower preheating station, PCB board for preheating, ensure that the PCB plate can not be deformed, preheating station area of 245*180. Can fully meet the desktop and notebook computer repair.

9. Rational design of support structure, the replacement of the BGA chip is not deformation, very convenient and practical.

10. The rework station can do circuit board drying and circuit board shaping.


The rework station welding success rate is almost 99%, if can't achieve this goal, probably because of the new machine, please try it a few times.

Rework station operations guide:


1, the motherboard in the preheating stage, the board fixed bracket.

2, the welding joint alignment chip from the chip 10MM, welding head, with a chip on the temperature probe.

3, open the preheat switch, to lead the chip preheating temperature set at 280 degrees, to preheat the motherboard, the motherboard preheating time needed for more than ten minutes, then open the welding joint, the welding of the chip, the upper temperature controller temperature set to 220 degrees (three temperature zones lead-free please refer to the following temperature open the settings) welding welding switch as long as 150 seconds to complete chip.

4, close the heating switch, a lower preheating switch, remove the welding head to the motherboard, after cooling, can move the motherboard.

5, open the cross-flow fan, heat dissipation on the motherboard, about heat about 2 minutes can remove the motherboard, power off.

Have the relevant knowledge and welding:

How much is the lead solder and lead-free solder melting point respectively?

Lead solder melting point of 183 degrees, lead-free solder melting point of 217 degrees

Cannot determine the board is a lead or lead-free, how to set the temperature?

According to lead to set temperature, heating is completed, use tweezers to gently touch the BGA chip, if the chip can move smoothly, said welding success, if the chip can't move, said solder may be lead-free, set the temperature for lead-free, heating is completed, the same use tweezers to touch, in order to confirm whether the welding success, also can look at capacitance bridge near, if the two are more lead-free tin solder, tin lead less, the general new machines are almost lead, INTEL chip with FW is a lead, take NH lead-free lead-free than about a lead temperature 20 degrees, VIA chip with a G lead-free, has lead to melting point of 183 degrees, unleaded melting point of 217 degrees, can be distinguished through the spot color, lead solder joints with a shiny, lead a partial white

metal feeling gloss is not good, there is a judgment about the ways of looking at models, the new machine are all lead-free soldering (considered from the environmental point of view, in addition to do) when lead-free bridge suggest you mask slightly more, because of the mobility of lead-free and invasive are poor, not easy to repair.

6. Series chip set up basic are lead-free, judgment can be started from several aspects of solder joints, gloss, lead-free solder paste because of high melting point, during the reflow process oxidation than lead hard, easy to lose their luster, but time lead long gloss will decline. See chip sets, with N or NH as the lead, but I think, Toshiba some previous original board, although the chipset is a lead, but PCB should still lead. Look at the screw holes, lead-free generally not tin, but not absolutely. See the ICT test point, lead is flat, lead-free tend to drum up a little. There are many aspects can be distinguished, this is not the only one.

Solder paste plays what role?

Solder paste can clear the pad surface oxide, enhanced the activity of solder.

Hot air heating and infrared heating what is the difference?

For BGA rework station hot air heating, air flow, the shift may lead to components. The air flow, resulting in hot air can not be directly heated BGA chip and solder ball, otherwise the ball may stick together (part of the direct heating type steel mesh can be used).

In addition to control temperature, but also control the volume, so the BGA rework station hot air heating is often more complex structure, huge volume.

Hot air type BGA rework station need step heating, temperature parameter setting complex, users have to master the 100-200 temperature curve, a different board should have different temperature curve, the selection of a suitable set of from different temperature curve, for beginners may be more difficult.

Hot air type BGA rework station must be connected to the computer, can guarantee higher work efficiency. Hot air rework station on the circuit board position requirements higher, BGA chip to be very accurate alignment of the wind mouth, if the circuit board and BGA chips dislocation, will cause the welding failure.

Infrared heating is a new technology developed in recent years, infrared heating BGA rework station has the advantages of simple structure, accurate temperature control, easy to operate.

There are two reasons for the circuit board deformation:

First, is the preheating area is too small, the circuit board is not uniformly heated;

Secondly, the circuit board placing unreasonable, not smooth, without locking.

 How to solve the problem of false?


Can be directly welded. The f

irst to chip into the amount of flux or pine, then heating.

If welding is not successful, will need to take down the redo BGA chip.

How will the pad alignment of BGA chip and the circuit board?

There are corresponding to the BGA chip line on the circuit board, the BGA chip and the frame alignment can be placed.

For the ball more than 0.65mm spacing of BGA chip, the direct use of manual alignment can be, without the need for optical equipment with the help of professional. Such as notebook computer board, desktop computer motherboards, computer boards, server board, large and medium-sized game board

For BGA chip underfill encapsulant below 0.5mm, often need to resort to the accurate alignment of optical devices. For example, LED lamp.

Notebook computer pad spacing have how old?

Solder ball notebook computer is how much?

Pad spacing notebook computer has three kinds: 1.27mm 1mm 0.8mm

Solder ball notebook computer application has three kinds: 0.76mm 0.6mm 0.5mm

The spacing of 1.27mm chip using 0.76mm solder ball

The spacing of 1mm chip using 0.6mm solder ball

The spacing of 0.8mm chip using 0.5mm solder ball

X machine can detect the BGA chip is welded with?

X machine can accurately determine the fault solder adhesion.

For the problem of weld, X machine can not accurately judge.

For the chip overheating damage problem, X machine can not judge.

X machine in the price between 20-100 million.

To accurately determine whether the success of the most accurate way of welding is a functional test. Also is the power-on test circuit board can work normally.



01. Applicable to laptop motherboard, desktop motherboard, XBOX-360, server motherboard, digital products etc..


02. Two heating zones, independant heating, upper heating 300W, bottom preheating 1600W


03. Maximum heating temperature : 500 degree


04. Used high accurate Intelligent temperature controller, make more accurate temperature controlling


05. Movable heater, easy and convinient to use


06. Infrared heating panel, independant controlling heating


07. Brilliant-designed Universal circuit board structural support, weld zone part non-support, none sink


08. Bottom preheater, used to preheat PCB, to make sure it non-deformation, maximum heating area 450 * 500mm

09. No limit for PCB thickness during desoldering


10. No limit for BGA chips size during desoldering, max size for 775CPU, min size for CCD grain


11. Dimension: L450 * W450 * H460mm


12. Power supply: 220V 5060Hz


13. Effective power: 1900W


14. Weight: 20kg


15. Factory bulk welding success rate up to 98%, machine warranty for 1 year


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