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Dealing with common problems of laminator
Jan 17, 2019

Normal questions as follows:

1. Q:Machine not run after press START

A:check wires whether link ok,and if not allinone model,check

whether link well with VACUUM PUMP,AIR COMPRESSOR.

2. Q:Machine not work after after press START.(For allinone machine)


1.)The inner autoclave door must closed well.

2.)When power on,the inner pump will work and inject air into

machine,you can hear the voice from inside machine,this process

will last less than 1 minute.

3.)When the pump stop working,then you can press START.

3. Q:Vacuum degree panel not rise after press START after air injected

ok.(For allinone machine)

A:After press START,at beginning ,you need to push the door,then

the vacuum value panel will rise,then you can loose your hand.



4. Q:Vacuum degree panel rised,but machine not hot press down


A:Due to your local altitude not same as China,so check how much

value the degree panel can reach first in your local,then set the hot

press panel value equal or little lower than that actual value.



5. Q:Why cannot open the autoclave gate after process over?

A:You need to press the leak button first,when the inner pressure is same 

as outside,then can open it,if not find this button must have

another plug of pressure on machne.

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