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The Solution of Cutter Breaking in Carving Machine
Feb 01, 2019

What happened to the broken knives in the engraving machine all the time? Why did I change the new knives or break them? The cutting tool breaking of engraving machine can be divided into three points: the first employee's operation problem; the second engraving machine's tool selection problem; and the third machine's own problem.

1. Operational problems

Once the knife is too deep and will break, go too fast will break, cut too fast will break, the knife will shake too long, the wrong tool will break knife, all kinds of breaks... depending on the hardness of the material to determine parameters, can not be impatient. Beginners like to use a single-edged milling cutter. This cutter is not enough to make dense materials (such as bakelite, glass fiber, synthetic board). Choose the cutter according to the material. Double-edged or corn knife can be used for high density. The smallest size of the drawing can also be used with a larger knife, 4MM/6MM, not necessarily 3.175. For a workpiece whose thickness exceeds 20MM, the cutter must be installed long. The leverage principle will break or shake when it grows. Each time the cutter depth is set to 1MM or so, the cutter must be milled in layers. In addition to the above several seconds, metal fatigue break can be predicted: in the process of processing, the sound of normal cutting is more clear, more sharp, carefully distinguish, there is a hiccup cutting sound, if it is very muddy band vibration Weng Weng, it is necessary to quickly slow down the feed speed, otherwise the knife will be broken. If you can't hear it and touch the workpiece by hand, the vibration will break even if it is more severe.

2. Material Selection

Maybe you choose the wrong knife, resulting in unreasonable use of the knife will break, mechanical cat mall has many knives, you can see if there is a suitable for you.

3. Machine problems

1. The spindle motor is not perpendicular to the platform.

2. The knife is not good, can not smooth chip removal, all wrapped in the knife, sure knife broken, if there are other people and you use the same machine, the same knife, and people continue to break you, then the main consideration is the first case.

3. If the spindle speed and feed speed are not suitable, the knife will break. This is a good judgment. It should break as soon as it comes up, and other activities will also break.

4. The uneven material will break the knife.

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