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What is the BGA Repair Station
Jan 11, 2019

BGA means chips packaged in BGA packaging process.

The I/O terminals of Ball Grid Array Package are distributed under the package in the form of circular or columnar solder joints. The advantage of BGA technology is that although the number of I/O pins increases, the pin spacing does not decrease but increases, thus improving the assembly yield. Although its power consumption increases, BGA can be welded by controllable collapse chip method, thus improving its electrothermal performance. Compared with the previous packaging technology, the weight is reduced; parasitic parameters are reduced, signal transmission delay is small, and the frequency of use is greatly increased; the assembly can be used in coplanar welding, and the reliability is high.

Type of BGA

There are four basic types of BGA: PBGA, CBGA, CCGA and TBGA. Generally, the bottom of the package is connected with the welding ball array as the I/O lead-out end. The typical spacing of these packaged solder ball arrays is 1.0mm, 1.27mm and 1.5mm. The lead-tin components of solder balls are mainly 63Sn/37Pb and 90Pb/10Sn. The diameter of solder balls varies from company to company due to the lack of corresponding standards. From the point of view of BGA assembly technology, BGA has more advantages than QFP device, which is mainly reflected in the fact that BGA device has less strict requirements for mounting accuracy. In theory, even if the offset of the solder ball to the pad is up to 50%, the position of the device will be automatically corrected due to the surface tension of solder in the process of welding reflow, which has been proved by experiments. It's quite obvious. Secondly, BGA no longer has pin deformation problems similar to QFP, and BGA also has good coplanarity with QFP and other devices. Compared with QFP, BGA has much larger lead-out spacing, which can significantly reduce the problem of "bridging" of solder joints caused by solder paste printing defects. In addition, BGA also has good electrical and thermal properties, as well as higher interconnection density. The main disadvantage of BGA is that it is difficult to detect and repair solder joints, and the reliability of solder joints is strictly required, which limits the application of BGA devices in many fields.

BGA repair desk

It is a special equipment used in BGA chips when there are welding problems or need to replace new BGA chips. Because of the high temperature requirement of BGA chips welding, the heating tools (such as hot air gun) generally used can not meet its needs.

The standard reflow curve is used in BGA welding bench, so the effect of BGA repairing with BGA welding bench is very good. If BGA welding bench is used better, the success rate can reach more than 98%.

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