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What's the difference between the handle control of engraving machine and the computer control?
Feb 11, 2019

The advantages of the handle control system are as follows: 1. No heavy computer is needed. 2. It saves space. 2. The handle reads data much faster than the computer. The engraving machine starts to run by importing data with U disk and pressing corresponding keys. 3. The learning of the handle operation is easier. 4. After restarting the breakpoint of power failure, the machine automatically continues to engrave, thus eliminating the tediousness of manual peer-to-peer and improving the efficiency of the engraving machine. Work efficiency, 5. The failure rate of the handle is lower than that of the computer, which ensures the stable operation of the machine and reduces the cost of engraving.

The advantage of the computer control system is that the processing effect can be previewed and the processing trajectory can be seen at any time. Disadvantages: 1. There is no alarm stop function. If people are not in front of the computer in case of malfunction and disorder, they will seriously damage the raw materials, causing great losses. 2. Occupy the space of inches of land and gold. 3. It is easy to be damaged in the dusty and humid workshop, increasing the probability of virus, and affecting the operation of the machine.

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