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Which materials are suitable for engraving machine
Feb 07, 2019

First of all, most of our common engraving machine is a multi-functional engraving machine which can process furniture, billboards, electronic circuit boards, stone carvings and so on.

Applicable materials also have many such as: mahogany, white wood, PVC, marble, aluminum and copper and other materials.

Features: Suitable for precision engraving and cutting, with a maximum depth of 18 cm.

Copper and aluminum engraving machine is suitable for high precision engraving, servo system, high speed and precision. Mainly processing billboards, circuit boards, building models and other fine micro-carvings.

Applicable to materials such as plexiglass, PS, circuit board, aluminium copper, polyester, etc.

Features: Suitable for high-precision sculpture, good dislocation, no random stop, low noise, low failure rate.

Stereo engraving machine is suitable for penholder, European and American furniture, chopsticks, musical instruments, jewelry and other industries.

Applicable to mahogany, plexiglass, acrylic, bamboo, marble and other materials.

Features: Strong structure and high stability. Great strength and deep sculpture.

The relief machine is suitable for furniture, stone carving, building models, billboards and other industries.

Applicable to mahogany, white wood, plexiglass, acrylic, PVC and other materials.

Features: The investment is rare and quick, and the processing speed is 6 meters per minute.

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