Table Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Mode : FB-03
Output Power : 20W
Date input : USB

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LY FB-03 optical fiber laser marking machine 20W for metal wood pvc plastic 220V/110V rotary axis for optional


Applicable trade: 

Plastic printing opacity button, IC chip, part of the digital products, precision optical machinery, jewellery, cleaners and polishes, cutting tool of measuring tool, clock and watch glasses, electrical engineering and electric apparatus, electronic devices and components, five metals ornaments, hardware & tools, communication part of the mobile phone, vapour rub high-accuracy products identifications such as fittings, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials pipe,etc.. 


Applicable material:

Metal and many kinds of nonmetallic materials, high hard alloy, oxide, electroplating, plating membrane, ABS, epoxy resin, printing ink, engineering plastics,etc.. Apply to to depth, smooth degree, meticulous degrees of requirement higher field, if the clock and watch, mould trade, location picture type and mark  Wait

Table fiber laser marking machine FB03 (2)(001)

Technical parameter

Mode : FB-03

Output Power : 20W

Software : English(Developed by LY.GROUP.CHINA)

Date input : USB

M2 M2 BeamQuality : <2

Wave length : 1064nm

Pulse frequency : 20KHz -100KHz 

Effective marking area : 150*150mm 

Marking Speed : ≤7000mm/s

Marking Depth : ≤0.3mm

Min.line Width : 0.015mm

Min.characterSize : 0.15mm

Repeating Accuracy : ±0.003mm

Total Power : 500W/1000W

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