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3 Classifications Of Vertical CNC Lathe
Nov 08, 2018

The vertical CNC lathe is a machine tool controlled by computer digital signals. During the operation, the programmed machining program is input into the machine dedicated to the machine tool, and then the servo motor of each coordinate axis of the machine tool is commanded by the computer to control the sequence, speed and movement of the movements of the components of the lathe, and the selected spindle speed Cooperate to turn out workpieces with different shapes. Vertical CNC lathes are divided into three categories according to their functions: economical CNC lathes, ordinary CNC lathes and turning centers.

(1) Economical CNC lathe

The economical CNC lathe is designed on the basis of the ordinary horizontal lathe. Generally, the open-loop servo system driven by the stepping motor is used, and the control part is usually a single-chip microcomputer. The economical CNC lathe has low cost, poor automation and function, and high precision in turning machining. It is suitable for turning machining of rotary parts with low precision requirements.

(2) Ordinary CNC lathe

Ordinary CNC lathes are CNC lathes that are specially designed and equipped with a universal CNC system according to the requirements of turning machining. The numerical control system has strong functions, high degree of automation and high machining precision. It can simultaneously control two coordinate axes of X and Z, and is widely used for turning machining of general rotary parts.

(3) Turning center

The turning center is based on the ordinary CNC lathe, adding C axis and milling power head. The more advanced CNC lathe has a tool magazine, which can control three coordinate axes of X, Z and C. Thanks to the addition of the C-axis and the milling power head, the machining function is greatly enhanced. In addition to general turning, radial and axial milling, surface milling, eccentric and radial hole machining are possible.

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