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Advantages Of Laser Engraving Machine
Feb 04, 2019

1. Service life: As a consumer product of laser engraving machine, service life has become the most important purchasing purpose of users. The difference of service life is important because processing technology and design technology are important factors. Generally, the service life of domestic laser tubes is about 1500 hours (60W for example). The Force engraving machine can last up to 3000 hours.

2. Laser energy: There are great differences in the maximum processing intensity of laser tubes with different functions. It is related to the accuracy of the machine engraving, its strength is too low or too high will cause damage to the processing material.

3. Spot quality: This function is selected by laser tube. The quality of the spot depends on the selection of many links in the production technology. The quality of the spot indirectly affects the function of the user in application.

4. Stability: The products with poor function are prone to air leakage and non-external explosion.

The difference between laser tube and CO2 laser:

Glass lasers (i.e. laser tubes) have the same processing objectives and application background as the output lasers. There are great differences in appearance, plan, service life and function. In terms of quotation, there is also a big difference. For the same power, the output laser is about dozens of times larger than that of the laser.

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