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Advantages Of Linear Guide CNC Lathe
Nov 08, 2018

1. Easy and simple assembly, high-quality assembly can be completed with a little training. Because the precision of CNC machine tools is very high, the accuracy of the transmission mechanism is determined. The transmission mechanism is generally composed of wire rails and screw rods. That is to say, the accuracy of the line rail and the screw itself determines the accuracy of the machine tool, while the line rail and The screw rods are usually in the form of standard parts. You only need to select the corresponding precision provided by the manufacturer, and generally there will be no big problems.

2, choose the room is large, whether it is from the structure of the line rail or the accuracy level, the lubrication method or the bearing capacity, the processing method to the running speed and other parameters are all optional, you can configure according to the specific conditions of the machine you designed. The type of rail you need.

3, the running speed is fast, and now many CNC machining machines run extremely fast, especially the free-wheel speed, which is largely dependent on the performance of the track, because of the rolling friction and high-precision machining, practical It ensures the accuracy and smoothness of the high-speed operation of the machine tool, and greatly improves the machining efficiency and machining accuracy.

4, high processing precision, because the rail as a standard commodity, whether it is material or processing has entered a benign controllable range, so in many finishing CNC machining tools, most of them use high precision The line rail is used as the machine guide rail, which also greatly guarantees the machining precision of the machine tool. The domestic process is better. There are Nanjing technology, Hanjiang line rail, Taiwan has Shangyin line rail, Germany has Rexroth company, Japan has THK line rail. Etc. These brands are extremely rich and satisfy the market's demand for a variety of different requirements.

5, long service life, because the running mode of the line rail is rolling friction, the steel ball in the slider drives the movement of the feeding part by rolling on the track. The friction friction of this rolling friction is smaller than that of the hard rail. More, so whether it is transmission efficiency or service life, the line rails are much more ideal than hard rails.

6, the maintenance cost is low, whether it is from the cost of maintenance or the convenience of maintenance, the rail has its natural advantages and convenience, because as a standard part, the replacement form of the rail is the same as replacing a screw. Of course, there are some adjustments in accuracy, but it is too convenient compared to the hard track.

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