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Categories And Application Of NC Engraving Machines
Jan 21, 2019

The engraving machine is divided into laser engraving machine and numerical control engraving machine. The working principle of numerical control engraving machine is to convert the information into a power signal that can drive the engraving machine motor, and control the engraving machine host to generate three-axis engraving path, namely G code. At the same time, the cutting tools attached to the spindle motor of the engraving machine can cut the processing materials fixed on the worktable by high-speed rotation, which can engrave various planar or three-dimensional relief graphics and words designed in the computer and complete the engraving process. CNC engraving machine, also known as CNC engraving machine, is widely used in many industries. Because of the different industries, the models and internal configuration of its engraving machine are also very different, so many different types of engraving machine are produced.

1: Advertising engraving machine, is used in the advertising industry engraving machine, and the advertising industry also has large engraving machine, small engraving machine, small engraving machine generally refers to 6090 or 1212 engraving machine, mainly used for double-color plate engraving, or the processing of small format materials such as signs, and large engraving machine is specifically refers to 1325 model engraving machine, that is, the most common model on the market, mainly because For the market plates are 1 m 22 times 2 m 44 size, and it is mainly used for PVC cutting, billboard production, light box, mini-characters and light-emitting words production. 2: Woodworking engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine under the CNC engraving machine is a big classification, can be roughly divided into: wood door engraving machine, furniture engraving machine, coffin engraving machine, craft engraving machine and wood engraving machine, wood door engraving machine is mainly used in wood doors, cabinet doors, wardrobe doors industry, configuration is higher than ordinary woodworking engraving machine, because of material problems, so. Generally equipped with vacuum adsorption table, furniture engraving machine is mainly used in European furniture, modern furniture, antique furniture, as well as office furniture production. In order to improve processing efficiency, it will be equipped with a number of spindle motors. Coffin engraving machine is mainly used for coffin, longevity, and longevity production.

3: CNC cutting machine, this machine is a high-end high-configuration machine in the engraving machine industry, engraving machine with 3-4 different knife heads, can switch back and forth engraving different patterns, often used in cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, wooden doors and soft package and hard package industries.

7: Industrial engraving machine, mainly used in special industries, such as circuit boards, special materials processing, etc., this engraving machine belongs to the customized engraving machine.

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