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CNC Milling Machine Safety Operation Procedures
Nov 08, 2018

The operating rules of NC milling machine is an important measure to ensure the personal safety and equipment safety of operators. Operators must operate correctly in strict accordance with the operating rules.

1. Pay attention to the top of safety operation.

(1) Entering the training ground, we should wear good work clothes, work caps and protective glasses, not allow gloves to operate, and prohibit sandals, slippers, skirts and so on.

(2) Students must operate machine tools under the guidance of teachers. When two or more people practice on the same milling machine, only one person can operate the control panel.

(3) When operating a milling machine, concentrate on thinking. Operators are not allowed to leave without permission. They must stop before they can leave.

(4) must not move or damage warning signs installed on machine tools.

(5) when machining the machine, it is not possible to adjust the tool, measure the size of the workpiece, or rotate the cutting tool and workpiece.

(6) before the first processing operation procedure, the instructor must go through examination and consent before processing.

(7) Workplaces should be kept clean and tidy. Cutting tools, tools and measuring tools should be placed on the lathe bed in the prescribed position separately. No articles should be placed on the lathe bed.

2. The top of attention before processing.

(1) to see if there are any factors that may cause safety in the workplace, if any, we should remove them in time.

(2) check whether the machine displays alarm information according to the starting sequence and machine of CNC milling machine.

(3) Do not touch any key on the MDI panel before the bit M display and alarm screen appear in the CNC unit after the CNC milling machine is powered on. After the completion of the machine, check whether the buttons, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, and whether the CNC milling machine has abnormal phenomena.

(4) Check whether the oil mark of hydraulic system and lubrication system is normal, check whether the coolant capacity is normal, and add lubricating oil and coolant according to the regulations.

(5) manual axis reference points. We should pay attention to the test points when returning to ginseng, and do not collide with the workpieces and fixtures on the machine tools. If an axis is near the reference point S before returning to the reference point, it must be moved manually to a position beyond the reference point 100 mm before returning to the reference point.

(6) in order to achieve the state of thermal equilibrium, the CNC milling machine must be transported to 15min or more.

(7) Install the cutter correctly according to the requirements, and check whether the cutter movement is normal. Through the cutter, input the cutter compensation value correctly, and check carefully.

(8) after the NC processing program has been finished, it should proofread carefully and ensure that it is correct. And simulated processing.

(9) correctly measure and calculate the work coordinate system, and verify the results.

(10) Wheel feeding and manual continuous feeding operations must be checked to see if the selected position S is correct. Identify the positive and negative direction, identify the key, and then do the operation.

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