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Correct Use Of Engraving Machine
Jan 24, 2019

1. Jacket size should be appropriate, cross-section, no round, wear, tapered inner hole jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will cause stir, carve out the role of ambition.

2. The handle should touch the jacket warmly. The handle should stab into the jacket firmly and tighten. If the jacket is used too long and the inner hole is deformed, it is necessary to replace the jacket immediately.

3. Tools should always check their endurance. If they are used bluntly, please replace them immediately. If they are used continuously, not only the carving effect is not good, but also the situation of tool breakage will occur.

4. When the engraving machine is used, the thickness of the cutting edge should not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, and the cutting tool will still appear.

5. Approximately reasonable use of cutting speed for cutting different raw materials.

6. The body, clothes and hair should not be close to the objects at work.

7. Cutting recommendation speed should be balanced, speed should be consistent as far as possible, ability can achieve a very good effect, cutting too long can not stay, we should strike while the iron is hot.

8. Tools should be cleaned with special cleaners.

9. Butter can avoid tool rusting.

10. Tools cannot be polished or changed by themselves.

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