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Discriminate Four-axis Linkage And Three-axis Linkage Of Engraving Machine
Feb 11, 2019

Method of distinguishing four-axis chain and three-axis linkage of engraving machine:

1. The three-axis engraving machine is mainly suitable for engraving plane and symmetrical left and right patterns, such as olive core. Four axes are suitable for carving complex, left and right asymmetrical patterns.

2. Three axes can move simultaneously in the four axes of X (beam), Y (table), Z (carving spindle) A (rotating axis). They are X, Y, A or X, Z and A. That is to say, mesa Y and rotation axis A can only transform each other, but can not move at the same time. The four axes move in the same way: X, Y, Z and A.

3. When carving with three-axis NC engraving machine, whether flat or round, it can be imagined as plane engraving. The sculpture is done according to the pulse. Four-axis engraving machine, when carving, according to 360 degrees to calculate, each step walk 0.000*degree. So the operation principle of three-axis engraving machine and four-axis engraving machine is totally different.

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