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Tool Maintenance Method Of Engraving Machine
Jan 31, 2019

  Tool maintenance and grinding are also very important issues. When a job is finished, no matter how tired you are, you should put the tools away first, and then rest. If you want to use them again after a period of time, you should trim the tools or put oil on them (to prevent moisture and rust), and put them in the toolbox or toolbox in different categories for the next use. The cutter of the engraving machine is like a person's hands. He can't do fine work without cherishing him. Now let's talk about how to maintain the cutter.

The first jacket size should be appropriate, cross-section, wear, not round enough, tapered inner hole jacket must not be selected, otherwise it will lead to tool shake, can not achieve the desired engraving effect.

The contact between the second jacket and the tool handle should be mild. The tool handle should not only be firmly inserted into the jacket, but also be tightened. If the jacket is used for too long, the inner hole should be deformed, and the jacket should be replaced immediately.

Thirdly, it is necessary to check the tool's toughness regularly. If the tool is blunt, it should be replaced immediately, because not only the carving effect is not good, but also the knife breakage will occur.

Fourth, when using woodworking engraving machine, we should pay attention to that the thickness of the cutting edge can not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, otherwise there will still be knife breakage.

Fifth, reasonable cutting speed should be used for cutting different materials.

Sixth, the cutting speed should be balanced, and the speed should be as consistent as possible, so as to achieve better results. The cutting process can not stay, and the correct use of woodworking engraving machine tools should be accomplished at one go.


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