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What Aspects Affect The Accuracy Of Engraving Machine
Feb 07, 2019

The method of judging engraving quality of engraving machine is mainly observed from two aspects: on the one hand, the accuracy of size, on the other hand, the roughness of surface. Many factors will affect the quality of engraving machine processing, experienced operators in their long-term work experience summarized this, can help us effectively avoid these states, improve processing efficiency and quality.

1. Tools are one of the main factors affecting the quality of the engraving machine. There are many types of tools in the engraving machine. When we choose the right tool for the current processing materials, we should also ensure the quality of the tool. The tool with poor quality not only affects the service life of the props, but also makes the product precision inadequate because of the lack of sharpness.

Second, the use of cutting fluid will also affect the quality of engraving machine engraving. Cutting fluids mainly play the role of lubricating cutting tools and workpieces, but also have good cooling performance. Good application of cutting fluids can greatly improve the processing efficiency, and reduce the friction and resistance during processing, making the processing surface more delicate.

3. Stiffness of process system, stiffness of fixture, machine tool, workpiece and tool. It also determines the accuracy of the engraving machine. Insufficient rigidity of the tool will affect the whole processing effect. The selection of cutting tools should be determined according to the material opening of the processing.

4. System settings. Now the engraving machines we use are generally CNC engraving machines controlled by computer numerical control system. Check whether the parameter settings are correct, whether the route settings are wrong, and whether the speed settings are appropriate, all of these will affect the engraving quality and accuracy of the engraving machine.

In addition to the above points, there are many factors that will have a certain impact on the quality of carving, such as the outage of carving, power outage, rail jam and other external factors.

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