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What If There Is A Murmur On The Principal Axis Of The Engraving Machine?
Feb 13, 2019

Lower belt tension of spindle connection motor

The belt tension of the spindle connection motor can not be too low, if the tension is too low, it will appear that the belt of the spindle connection servo motor is too loose, so it is easy to cause slippage and abnormal sound during heavy cutting.

Tooth profile of drive belt does not match that of servo motor and spindle

Because of the wear and tear of the drive belt in the machining center, many customers buy the drive belt to replace it by themselves in order to save the cost. After the replacement, it is found that the tooth profile of the drive belt does not conform to that of the servo motor and the spindle, and the abnormal noise will be caused during the use. It is suggested that customers should pay attention to whether the belts purchased are the same as the worn belts dismantled. If the belts of different types are used consistently, abnormal noise will be produced during the transmission process, and even the wear of the gears of servo motors and spindles will result in serious consequences.

Excessive belt tension of spindle connection motor

The belt tension of the spindle connecting the motor can not be too tight. Too tight can easily lead to belt wear and slip, and make abnormal noises.

Belt Damage of Spindle Connecting Motor

Generally speaking, the processing center will be used for a long time, and inevitably there will be some defects, such as the transmission belt, which will wear and tear after a long time, which is also one of the reasons for the abnormal sound of the belt. So the belt with better quality will last longer and the belt with inferior quality will last shorter.

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